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Masked Superhero
Building Style: Ominous
Reaching new heights of overwrought construction
One Thousand Museum Condos
Architect: Zaha Hadid
Completed: 2019
Words that come to mind... gargantuan | hideous | insect-like | obnoxious | overbuilt | ready to attack | scary

It’s not only me…

An episode of PBS' "Impossible Builds" featured the building, which they referred to as the "Scorpion Tower"
She is the first reptilian architect to get things done... cray cray, right?
Juan_Lagarrigue at ArchDaily
The mid-2000's want their video game CGI back.
kek at Dezeen
I think I am done with architecture... [jumps out of window].
dan at Dezeen


Terrifying or relaxing, you decide.

Death Mask 3000

Robot condo-owners chilling out like it’s Star Trek Episode 3, Season 5