Project Category: Ominous


Building Style: Ominous
Completed: 1974
Words that come to mind... banal | brutal | insensitive | slablike | ugly

It’s not only me…

The building looks like it would be right at home in a bleak, post-apocalyptic graphic novel.

The Buffalo News

Some critics of the form merely find it ugly and uninviting, while others view… the Brutalist style as… a troubling tendency toward authoritarianism or evocative of oppressive, Soviet-style design.

Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News, March 2014

A Menacing Presence

Building Style: Ominous

Enter into my clam-like clutches, my pretty…

Scaly, disgusting eel. Museum-goers slither in and out, seemingly unaware.

Architect: Jean Nouvel
Completed: 2015
Words that come to mind... eww | genitalia | scaly | scary

It’s not only me…

… a rusty spaceship crash-landed on the edge of the city.

Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian

It is a tyrannical hulk of a thing, its gargantuan grey shell wrenched to and fro as if battered by an intergalactic skirmish, sooty scorch marks burnt across its crumpled mass.

Oliver Wainwright

Jean Nouvel boycotts opening of his Paris concert hall.