Global Warning

Global Warning

Building Style: Trash Heap

Nice to know that this facility treats Multiple Sclerosis. I’m sure the patients aren’t the least bit irritated by the building design.

Architect: Frank Gehry
Completed: 2010
Words that come to mind... arrogance | error | junkyard | melty | trashpile

It’s not only me…

… metal monstrosity… twisted, massive and, frankly, ugly… Gehry came up with the design… by crumpling a piece of paper, giving it a toss then looking at it’s odd form and saying: “That’s it.”

Robert Cochrane, Parkinson’s Place

Some of these strategies — intentionally crude detailing, exposed structure and the casual juxtaposition of dramatic and banal spaces… have lost more than a little freshness over the years…

Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times

A jumbled, twisted series of misaligned openings arranged among unfamiliar forms… Is this thing even finished?

Eric Strain, Las Vegas Sun