Sad Cardboard

Building Style: Trash Heap

“Maybe it’s a brown paper bag,” speculates the architect.

One wonders if the businessman who financed the building with a $20,000,000 gift, Dr. Chau is satisfied with the outcome.

This may have been designed using an early 3D methodology called “Wet Chipboard,” used in Genry’s office when they were in arrears. The building is droopy and depressed like a lost hound in a rainstorm. Tiny yellow angled couch in foreground tries unsuccessfully to brighten things up.

Architect Frank Gehry (R) invokes God to convince client Dr. Chau that his squishy new building won’t collapse during the first rainstorm. Chau’s face is an essay in concern.

Architect: Frank Gehry
Completed: 2014
Words that come to mind... collapsing | droopy | garbagey | sad

It’s not only me…