Project Tag: genitalia

A Menacing Presence

Building Style: Ominous

Enter into my clam-like clutches, my pretty…

Scaly, disgusting eel. Museum-goers slither in and out, seemingly unaware.

Architect: Jean Nouvel
Completed: 2015
Words that come to mind... eww | genitalia | scaly | scary

It’s not only me…

… a rusty spaceship crash-landed on the edge of the city.

Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian

It is a tyrannical hulk of a thing, its gargantuan grey shell wrenched to and fro as if battered by an intergalactic skirmish, sooty scorch marks burnt across its crumpled mass.

Oliver Wainwright

Jean Nouvel boycotts opening of his Paris concert hall.


Spotted Dick

Building Style: Behemoth
Completed: 2003
Words that come to mind... genitalia | noncontextual | penile | plaid

It’s not only me…

hollow priapism… totalitarian bombast… catastrophic hubris…

Leon Krier,

For rent. Phallic property named after immature fruit of the cucumber… Gherkin is just not sufficiently filling… Lord Foster’s shiny protuberance…

Andrew Cave, The Telegraph

A giant glass shaggy ink cap

Prince Charles

a sexual aberration

Leon Krier, The Guardian

Disclaimer:  Please note that Norman Foster is married to a sex therapist.