Project Tag: melty

Radiator of Death

Building Style: Behemoth

Upright Black Toilet Seat Cover

Architect: MAD Architects
Completed: 2017
Words that come to mind... bowling ball finish | clammy | divisive | melty | noncontextual

It’s not only me…

… the project is disproportionate, unshapely and frankly ugly. I don’t know why I feel such literal anger towards a building, but I do.

The spectacle of structure, evident as well in the sharp finials of the exoskeleton, is reminiscent of nothing so much as the exaggerated, sinister deco of Gotham City…

Ian Volner, Architect Magazine

Dehumanising, tokenistic & arbitrary.

… its wavy, ominous, and transparent black casing… stands out… by putting a sense of fear in your heart…

Tracy Wang, The Beijinger

Global Warning

Global Warning

Building Style: Trash Heap

Nice to know that this facility treats Multiple Sclerosis. I’m sure the patients aren’t the least bit irritated by the building design.

Architect: Frank Gehry
Completed: 2010
Words that come to mind... arrogance | error | junkyard | melty | trashpile

It’s not only me…

… metal monstrosity… twisted, massive and, frankly, ugly… Gehry came up with the design… by crumpling a piece of paper, giving it a toss then looking at it’s odd form and saying: “That’s it.”

Robert Cochrane, Parkinson’s Place

Some of these strategies — intentionally crude detailing, exposed structure and the casual juxtaposition of dramatic and banal spaces… have lost more than a little freshness over the years…

Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times

A jumbled, twisted series of misaligned openings arranged among unfamiliar forms… Is this thing even finished?

Eric Strain, Las Vegas Sun