Project Tag: monstrous


Building Style: Trash Heap
Completed: 2015
Words that come to mind... garbagey | Harvard | hulking | monstrous

It’s not only me…

… it’s more train wreck than prehistoric flying reptile.

James Howard Kunstler

… yet another demonstration of how buildings can be torqued and tweaked with computer-aided design (CAD) in order to produce maximum maintenance problems…

James Howard Kunstler

Heinous House

Building Style: Stack of Junk
Architect: Perkins + Will
Completed: 2010
Words that come to mind... hideous | incongruous | monstrous

It’s not only me…

Mukesh Ambani finds his dream home Antilia a monstrosity even after 2 years!

Jay Hind, YouTube

… the family did not live at Antilia but said they did sleep there “sometimes.”

Vikas Bajaj, New York Times